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GROWNSY Portable Pacifier Sterilizer

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99.99% Cleaned in 59 Seconds:  Clean 99.99%+ of bacteria & viruses from pacifiers and bottle nipples in 59 seconds with using U-V-C led(U-V-C led- Long life and more efficiently)

2-IN-1 Sanitizer: Usage1-Place the items to be sterilized into pacifier sterilizer. Usage2-Take the sterilizing components apart from U-V-C sterilizer,then hold the sterilizing components horizontally to the items to be sterilized.
Strong Battery Life:  It can be used for 90mins when fully charged. 90 times for 59S Sterilizing, 30 times for 3-minutes Sterilizing. Includes 700mah lithium battery, use USB charging, Replaced the 3 AA battery. USB cable included.

MULTIPURPOSE: Suitable for all types pacifier, soother, bottle, nipple toothbrush. Baby Products, adult and child's intimate clothing, jewelry, beauty tools and mobile phones can be put in for sterilizing

Intimate design: Included strap easily attaches to a pram,purse, diaper bag, etc. It can be laid flat or hung in two modes to meet your different needs. U-V*C led will auto shuts-off when lid is opened


Warm Tips:

1. Any household items can be sterilized by sterilizing components, such as mobile phones, toys, remote controls, glasses, etc.

2.Hold the sterilizing components and try to ensure the level of that

3.Don’t move the sterilizing components quickly during sterilizing,

4.Please keep the sterilizing component no more than 2-3cm away from the items to be sterilized .

5.The sterilizer has a built-in ball switch, and there will be a slight sound when shaking, which is normal. (In order to prevent people from being irradiated by the led) The allowable tilt angle is 45 ° ± 5 °

Grownsy Portable Pacifier Sanitizer

UV pacifier sterilizer


1) Illuminate the object with UVC band ultraviolet light to directly kill the virus.

2)There is no requirement for the material of the disinfection equipment, and all materials can be used.

3) Strong sterilization ability, but there will be dead corners, and the disinfection is not thorough enough.

4)  You can choose a UV sterilizer with disinfection lamps or mirrors on top and bottom for more thorough disinfection.

The pacifier is something that babies use every day! If you don't pay attention to cleaning and disinfection, your baby will easily come into contact with bacteria, and the consequences are naturally unimaginable. So the pacifier sterilizer is a must-have for families with babies. A portable pacifier sterilizer will be more convenient when going out, so you don’t have to wait until you go home to sterilize.

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