The purpose of the milk warmer, the method of use and the principle of purchase

1. General purpose

1. Heat the fresh milk taken out of the refrigerator;

2. When the baby drinks milk intermittently, put the bottle back into the milk warmer to keep it warm;

3. The baby needs to drink milk in the middle of the night.

For the first two cases, a milk warmer with a power above 80 watts is basically adequate. In the third case, it is convenient to have a timer function. The heating time can be set in advance. The milk does not need to be heated for a long time. benefit.

2. How to use the milk warmer reasonably?

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Many people think that a milk warmer is a bottle warmer. This is too one-sided. In addition to the function of warming milk, the milk warmer is actually used for warming water most of the time. Please see the specific usage below:

1. Fill a milk bottle with drinking water and put it in a milk warmer to keep it warm.

2. Turn the bottle warmer to 40 degrees (so that the water in the bottle will always maintain a constant temperature of about 40 degrees). It is recommended to adjust to 70 first, so that the heating speed will be much faster, and then turn it down to 40. ).

3. When the baby cries, immediately pour the 40-degree heat-preserving water in the milk warmer into another empty milk bottle, and the amount depends on the amount of milk your baby is about to eat. Then add the corresponding milk powder, and then shake it, it can be fed to the baby immediately.

4. Refill the baby bottle with drinking water, put it in the baby warmer to keep it warm, and wait for the baby to drink milk next time.

3. the principle of purchasing a bottle warmer

There are many kinds of milk warmers, and there are many kinds of small functions. When choosing a milk warmer, you should take advantage of the advantages of the milk warmer to buy:

1. The function of the bottle warmer is the same, one is heating, and the other is keeping warm. According to this principle, you can choose a breast warmer with suitable functions in accordance with the needs of your own family.

2. The operation time is short, the baby has less time to cry, mom and dad are less worried, and it will not even affect the sleep of mom and dad because it is a mechanized operation.

When the baby cries, he will pour water, add milk powder, and then feed him with his eyes closed. When the baby finishes eating, you will follow him when he sleeps. This kind of parents with relatively large needs can choose a milk warmer with a timer function. The heating time can be set in advance. The milk does not need to be heated for a long time, which is good for keeping the milk fresh.

3. The milk powder is soaked in 40 degree water, the nutrition of the milk powder is fully preserved. If you use 100-degree water to soak milk powder, at least one-third of the nutrition in a bucket of milk powder will be washed away by boiling water, and the temperature is not accurate with boiling water. This can help you solve this problem very well.

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