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GROWNSY Baby Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer

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6-in-1 MULTI FUNCTIONS Baby Bottle Warmer

6 in 1 Baby Bottle Warmer

Fast Warming&Sterilizing : 30ml water makes enough steam to heat the milk well between 3-7 minutes, Drink at any time to prevent the baby from crying . Keep baby food warm in 6 hours. Heating baby food with water insulation is healthier for infants . Auto Power-off when the heating or sterilizing completes. More Safe and more convenient

baby Bottle Warmer


DOUBLE BOTTLE WARMER & STEAM DISINFECTION: Open adjustable cover is Perfect for all kinds of bottles whatever is wide-mouth, angled one, you could heat milk and food at the same time. It can defrost breastmilk sterilize nipples, bottles and baby fork and spoon; Easy to use with one hand while carrying your baby

Bottle heater

MORE ACCURATELY, MORE INTIMATE: Built in Sensing Temperature& Semiconductor sensing probe &External probe&Microsoft temperature control& External NTC temperature control probe.The portable bottle warmer precisely keep the milk, water and food at the target temperature for 24 hours to fit every baby's preferences and to avoid overheating or too cold.

Convenient Baby Bottle Warmer

SMART AND SAFE: Made of Food grade PP safety material. Perfectly comfort hunger and crying baby at night, give the family a perfect sleep. Luminous display screen makes night operation more relieved and safer .We always control the safety of raw materials like milk powder control.

Note:It is recommended to descale the bottle warmer every four weeks to ensure it continues to work efficiently.

1.Mix 50ml/1.7 oz of white vinegar with 100ml/3.4oz of cold water to descale the bottle warmer. Switch on the portable baby bottle warmer, select the milk warming setting and let the appliance operate for 10 minutes. Leave the solution in the bottle warmer until all scale has dissolved. 

How to choose a breast milk warmer?

Bottle warmer is a good helper for newborn feeding in winter

Find your best bottle warmer for breast milk

Is a baby milk warmer necessary?

Some mothers think that it is better for babies to drink fresh milk. Whenever they are hungry, it is best to prepare milk powder for the baby. There is no need to buy a milk warmer. However, some mothers are worried that the baby is eager to drink the milk and the milk powder is too hot to feed the baby in time. At this time, the milk warmer can help a lot. Is it necessary to buy a breast warmer?

The baby bottle Warmers can heat the baby's milk at any time. Whether in the cold winter or early morning night, the milk warmer can meet the baby's need to drink milk in time. Some babies drink milk intermittently. After a few mouthfuls, they don’t drink and wait for more than ten minutes to drink again. However, the temperature of the adjusted milk will not wait for the baby to drop. At this time, you can put the milk back into the warmer to keep it warm. . In addition to warming milk, the milk warmer can also heat complementary foods such as rice cereal and fruit juice. So it is necessary to buy a bottle warmer.

At present, there are many types of milk warmers on the market, mainly including simple milk warmers, popular milk warmers, standard milk warmers, water-free milk warmers, digital milk warmers, and car milk warmers. . Various types of breast warmers can meet the baby's needs to drink warm milk in any place, anytime, and in any climate. And the bottle warmer can also solve the situation that mothers are in a hurry when the baby is crying and drinking milk. But mothers should pay attention when eating the milk warmer. The milk can not be placed in the warmer for a long time. In a warm environment, the milk is very tolerant of its own bacteria. Therefore, mothers shouldn’t be too lazy when eating the bottle warmer.

How does this bottle warmer works well?

love it !!I absolutely love my bottle warmer it makes heating up bottles in the middle of the night very safe and convenient. I highly recommend this product for new mom who live in two story homes saves time and it’s perfect size for a nursery or bedroom etc space saving. I think you can also love and use it to sanitize the pacifiers and bottles as well. 

Does this bottle warmer perfect for newborn?

Yes!Newborn must have.The Grownsy bottle warmer works amazing! 5 minutes and the bottle is warmed right up to the perfect temperature. It perfect for our newborn when she’s hungry we pop it in the warmer quickly and it’s ready in 5minutes !

Can I send this as Baby shower gift for my friend?

Sure.Recommend this.It is the best gift I have ever received.I received the baby bottle warmer and sterilizer as a baby shower gift and love the design. It is modern and compact. Cute design.And it is very easy to use, easy to clean, but it has saved more time since it is fast heating for baby bottles. There will be no worry and no wait for accurate temperature of baby food. 

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What do you have to look out for when choosing a baby bottle warmer?

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