Excellent children do not necessarily have excellent parents, but they must be attentive parents

In the parenting talk show "Children's Words and Strategies", the host asked every mother a question: What kind of person do you want your children to be?

After hearing this, the precious mother Anita Yuen told a story:

My son wanted to have a puppy of his own since he was a child, but she always felt that his son was still young and could not take care of it, so she never agreed to his request.

She didn't take him to the pet shop until the child's 7th birthday.

However, when he arrived at the pet shop, he didn't buy him the dog directly, but asked him to pick up the shit first.

Anita Yuan said at the time: "If you are willing to pick up shit for these dogs, I will consider buying it for you."

The son hurriedly did as soon as he heard it, but after finishing it, Anita Yuan still didn't buy it for him, but asked him to pick it up tomorrow.

The next day, the son went to the pet shop to help the dog pick up shit without saying a word. Although it was very dirty and tired, he finished picking it up patiently.

After seeing his son's enough love and patience, Yuan Anyi asked him to carry the dog home.

Yuan Anita’s reason is also very simple: "I did this because I wanted my child to be a responsible person."

Some netizens commented: "There is a good mother before a good child."

It can be seen how important parents’ words and deeds are to their children.

If you want your children to be kind, please keep your own kindness first; if you want your children to have a sense of responsibility, please keep your own sense of responsibility first; if you want your children to be good, please make yourself good first, or create something better for your children. Many conditions.

Authoritative education experts point out that modern education is a triad of education by family, school and society. If education is called building a building, then family education is the beginning and the foundation!

The family is the school, and the parents are the teachers. To build the building of children's education firmly, we must lay a solid foundation for education and lay a solid foundation for education. Family education is the most important link.

Therefore, as parents, if we want our children to be good, we must first make ourselves good. Even if it is still not good enough, you must use your heart to give your children the "nutrients" and environment they need to grow up, so as to help them become better themselves.

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