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GROWNSY Anhydrous Baby Bottle Warmer
Anhydrous Bottle Warmer
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GROWNSY Anhydrous Baby Bottle Warmer

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Game Changer For Warming Milk: Using GROWNSY bottle warmer, you will never worry about water leakage or overheating. It is a revolutionary way to instantly warm breast milk. No need to add water. Blowing hot air in the bottom of 360 degrees for heating the breast milk evenly. It is a perfect baby shower gift.

Precise Temperature: The baby bottle warmer use Precision temperature sensor, you can adjust the temperature on your own. It will stop heating when the milk is ready, protect the breastmilk from losing nutrition.(unlike traditional warmers that warm breastmilk with steam heat can easily cause OVERHEAT which can destroy breastmilk proteins)

FAST WARMING & DRYING: Fast Warming takes 5-12 minutes depending on your milk volume. The baby bottle warmer can quickly be heating and drying the baby bottle. This bottle warmer is compatible with a bottle’s diameter ≤ 3.15 INCH, which is suitable for most baby bottles. It’s recommended to warm your bottle half an hour in advance in case to wait for too long.

6-IN-1 MULTI FUNCTIONS: Fast Warming/ Defrosting/ Keep warm in 48 hours/ Food Heating/ Drying/ DIY Function/. This do-it-all machine deserves to be The Best Gift For Babies by GROWNSY families.

Parent’s Best Helper: Our baby bottle warmer also has a DIY function which is for a milk storage bag, heating time can be adjusted from 5-45 minutes. Made of Food grade PP material. The Luminous display screen makes night operation more relieved and safer. It is one of the baby essentials for newborns.

How to use


1. Why does the real-time temperature fluctuate up and down?

Because the sensor cannot directly test the temperature of the milk, it test the temperature at the bottom of the bottle and indirectly calculate the temperature of the milk through an algorithm. Temperature fluctuations up and down indicate that the system is constantly correcting the temperature.

2. Why does it indicate that the temperature has been reached, but the milk is still cold?

There are two possibilities: 1. The bottle is too large or the bottle handle is jammed by the upper cover, resulting in poor contact at the bottom of the bottle. It is recommended to remove the upper cover of the machine and the handle of the bottle before warming; 2. The bottom of the bottle is sunken too deep to reach the sensor. Please use the DIY function for heating for the above situation.

3. Why the fan still works after shutting down sometimes?

After shutdown, if the system detects that the residual heat of the machine is too high, it will start the fan to cool down, and the heater will not work. The purpose is to protect the internal component.

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1. How long does delivery take?

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