Baby Bottle Sterilizer
GROWNSY Baby Bottle Steam Sanitizers
GROWNSY Baby Bottle Steam Sanitizers
GROWNCY Baby Bottle Sterilizer Steam Sanitizers
GROWNSY Baby Bottle Steam Sanitizers
GROWNSY Baby Bottle Steam Sanitizers
GROWNSY Baby Bottle Steam Sanitizers
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GROWNSY Baby Bottle Steam Sanitizers

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8 Minutes to Clean 99.99%: Grownsy bottle sterilizer use high-temperature circulating steam to clean 99.99%+ harmful substances in pacifiers and baby bottles within 8 minutes. Keep your baby bottles, breast pumps, pacifiers, teethers and plastic toys clean!

One-key Control-Easy to Use: GROWNSY is committed to providing user-friendly products for newborns. This one-button control design is very suitable for parents and the elderly. Unless the water dries, the sterilizer cannot be turned off during work

Large Capacity: 75ml of water ≈ 10 minutes to sterilize. More water, more time. The intelligent and practical baby bottle sterilizer is designed to hold up to 6 bottles at a time, as well as breast pumps, baby toys, pacifiers, etc. Very suitable for twins.

Automatic Shutdown: Automatic shutdown after sterilization is completed. More convenient It is made of food-grade PP safe material. Wait for the sterilizer to cool down before using it, otherwise it cannot be turned on.

Clean Storage: Keep the sterilized baby bottles and accessories clean for more than 12 hours in a sterile environment. After receiving the machine, please boil the water several times, and then wipe the heating plate to use it normally

Baby Bottle Sterilizer

How To Choose a Baby Bottle Sanitizer?

Baby bottles and pacifiers are often touched by babies. Although many women choose to breastfeed, they still need to use bottles. In the whole process of using the baby bottle, the most easily overlooked is the sterilization of the baby bottle. So, how to choose a baby bottle sterilizer?

It is necessary to sterilize the baby's feeding bottle. Now, with the baby bottle sterilizer, it is easy to sterilize the feeding bottle, so that mom and dad can rest assured that they can use the feeding bottle for the baby. When choosing a Baby Bottle Sanitizer, the most important thing is the quality of the baby bottle. First, you need to look at the certification label of the baby bottle. You also need to look at the sterilization ability of the baby bottle. At the same time, you need to see the instructions of the baby bottle to fully understand the material of the baby bottle.

When choosing a baby bottle sterilizer, you also need to pay attention to its type, because there are many types of Baby Bottle Sanitizers. With so many types, the choice of the bottle sterilizer mainly depends on the disinfection effect in use, as well as the specific method of use. These will be more convenient to use, and the disinfection effect is also satisfactory.

After choosing a Baby Bottle Sanitizer, there are still many things to pay attention to when using it. When using a baby bottle sterilizer, you must pay attention to the time of use. Generally speaking, the sterilization time is better than ten minutes. If the time is relatively short, the effect of disinfection will not be achieved, so you must pay attention to the method of use, and you must dry the bottle after disinfection.

Recommended reason for feeding bottle sterilizer

The baby bottle sterilizer can more comprehensively protect the health of the baby, mainly including steam and microwave sterilization methods. When purchasing, be careful not to choose the split type, because this kind of sterilizer has poor sealing performance, and the cleaning time is shorter than that of the integrated type, and the bottle sterilizer with regular sterilization ability is more comfortable to use.

In addition to eliminating the hidden dangers that are not conducive to the health of the baby, the baby bottle sterilizer can completely sterilize the baby bottle. Compared with the traditional boiling sterilization, it can also achieve more labor-saving, worry-free, power-saving, and water-saving disinfection. And there is no secondary pollution. The baby bottle sanitizer only needs to boil 100ml of water or less; the baby bottle sterilizer can automatically cut off the power after sterilization, so there is no need to worry about burning the baby bottle due to dry water. For secondary pollution, boiling will cause the printing ink of the baby bottle to pass into the baby bottle through the water, and the baby bottle sanitizer avoids this problem. The milk bottle sterilizer has been sterilized at more than 100 degrees for a more thorough effect. Therefore, if economic conditions permit, mothers can purchase a bottle sterilizer to make their daily disinfection work more time-saving and at ease.

The best baby bottle sterilizer to provide protection for the baby's breast milk intake

When handling baby products for ingestion, abdominal pain, colic, diarrhea, and vomiting are often side effects of poor hygiene. In the first few months of life, babies are very sensitive to bacteria, germs and viruses because their immune systems have not yet fully developed. Breastfeeding babies are susceptible to infection, so a high degree of hygiene must be maintained. The baby bottle sterilizer can reliably kill all kinds of bacteria that enter the baby bottle, pacifier and other baby bottle accessories. This process is more reliable and convenient than boiling water for disinfection.

Of course, parents want to protect their children from all environmental influences. However, especially in terms of sterilization, this is not an exaggeration. Children’s immune systems must have the opportunity to deal with existing bacteria in their environment, form antibodies, and grow slowly in the face of challenges. For this, contact with bacteria and other bacteria is essential-but only to a certain degree. In the first few months, your own bacteria are enough to carry out this learning process. In order to prevent further influence, baby products, cutlery and utensils used in the preparation and feeding of baby food should be carefully checked. It is recommended to clean them thoroughly before each use and use a baby bottle sterilizer to make them as sterile as possible. GROWNSY provides you with sterilizers from well-known brand manufacturers, and supports you to create the best sanitary conditions for your little ones.

Before using the bottle sterilizer, cleaning comes first

Before disinfecting pacifiers, etc., they must be thoroughly cleaned. Washing with soapy water is not enough. First, clean any milk that may remain on the dishes under running water, and then use a bottle brush to thoroughly clean all parts. Pay special attention to the threads on the bottle and pacifier. Bacteria like to settle here. It is also recommended to check the surfaces of all feeding utensils for damage during cleaning. They provide an excellent foundation for bacteria and make thorough cleaning difficult. Therefore, the affected bottles and teats should be disposed of. If the latter is made of latex, it is recommended to use salt for additional cleaning: just put a little salt on the nipple and rub it back and forth with your fingers. Then rinse thoroughly. When the utensils are completely dry, they can be placed in the sterilizer.

Steam sterilizer and microwave sterilizer

The principle of steam sterilization is to achieve rapid heat transfer through the condensation of hot saturated water vapor and the resulting moisture penetration. This method kills microorganisms quickly and reliably, which is why it is also used in hospitals and other places. If you want to use a steam sterilizer at home, make sure that the feeding utensils are completely dry, and then put it into the sterilizer with its opening facing down. After about eight to twelve minutes plus the cooling time, the baby bottle and teat can be removed from the steam sterilizer.

Depending on the equipment, up to six beverage bottles (including accessories) can be sterilized at the same time. There is no need for a large amount of disinfection at one time, because the effect can only last about three hours with the lid on. If you just want to use the bottle for the next meal, you should repeat the process.

Frequently asked questions

Can I clean baby bottle sterilizer with tap water?

Yes, tap water can be used. But I recommend wiping the water tank with a damp soft cloth to prevent limescale, or you can take some vinegar to clean bottle sterilizer every month.

Can I use bottle sanitizer for glass bottles?

It can be done completely. I bought this bottle sterilizer. At first, I just tried to clean the glass bottles for my girl. Later I found that he could use it completely. Now I use it to sterilize plastic and glass bottles

Can this baby bottle sterilizer fit 9oz baby bottles?

Of course, this bottle sterilizer is suitable for all baby bottles, after all, its size is 12.79*9.68**9.57 inches

Will this bottle sterilizer work with Arbitrary bottles?

Yes! It works with all bottles ! We use a bunch of different bottles and use the bottle sterilizer to clean bottles, nipples, and any adapters ,Definitely no problem!

FAQ of baby bottle sterilizer

Do babies need a bottle sterilizer?

What are the advantages of the bottle sterilizer?

According to what criteria should you choose your baby bottle sterilizer?

What is the best way to descale the baby bottle sterilizer?

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