Collection: What you need to make baby food?

It is recommended that parents and parents learn more scientific knowledge of parenting, can make their own baby food, can fully control the baby's diet, and can better promote the healthy development of the baby. Do you know how to make baby food? Hope my answer can help you.

Mom and Dad need to use a brush to clean the skins of fruits and vegetables, and use a peeler to peel off the skins, which can help the baby's digestion.

Cut the cleaned and peeled food into slices about 3 cm thick, which is more conducive to steaming the ingredients thoroughly.

Put the prepared ingredients into the steamer, steam for 5-10 minutes, observe the softening of the food, then turn off the heat.

Put the steamed ingredients in a blender and mix them into a puree shape, which is more conducive to the baby's digestion.

Older babies can add some meat, chicken or fish as appropriate. They need to be fully heated to eliminate bacteria in the food.

Crush all the ingredients prepared for the baby with a fine-pore filter, and then filter the food to remove the residue, to ensure that the food can be digested by the baby's system.

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