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During the period of healthy physical development of infants and young children, nutrition should be balanced, and it is recommended that infants and young children eat various foods provided by nature to mankind. Children in different periods need to provide different nutritional combinations. After the children have adapted to various complementary foods, the food preparation gradually changes from fine to coarse, from mud, diced, silk, slices, and small pieces.

How to make rice noodles

[Preparation materials]: millet noodles (usually sold in supermarkets). Warm water or warm milk

[Production method]: 1. Measure 165 ml of warm water or 150-210 ml of warm milk at about 70°C.
2. Pour 30 grams of rice noodles into the sterilized baby tableware, then pour the prepared warm water or warm milk into the tableware and mix with the rice noodles.

3. Use a clean spoon to stir evenly and lubricate the paste, and then feed it at a suitable temperature.
(Hint: According to the baby's eating habits, the concentration can be adjusted appropriately. When feeding rice noodles out of breath, the amount should be gradually increased from less to more. It is best to feed the prepared rice noodles at one time or choose to discard them. Do not give the baby the leftover food. )

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