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Drying base and feeding bottle steam drying sterilizer, including sterilization bucket, feeding bottle rack, sterilization compartment, leak, cover, handle, base, sealing ring, dryer, control panel, start button, temperature adjustment knob, power supply A wire and a power plug, a baby bottle rack is installed on the inside of the disinfection bucket, and a disinfection compartment is installed on the upper side of the disinfection bucket, a leak hole is provided at the bottom of the disinfection compartment, and a cover is installed on the upper side of the disinfection compartment, and A handle is provided on the upper side of the cover, a base is installed on the lower side of the sterilization barrel, and a sealing ring is provided at the connection between the base and the sterilization barrel. The drying base and milk bottle steam drying sterilizer is a split type drying sterilizer. The sterilization compartment can be taken out and used separately, and placed on the base, which is convenient to use and easy to clean. The sterilization barrel is equipped with a bottle holder to facilitate the placement of baby bottles. The temperature adjustment knob and the time adjustment knob can adjust the temperature and time, increase the disinfection time, and effectively kill viruses.

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