Collection: How to nasal aspirator baby?

With an electric Nasal aspirator, make sure that the baby’s mouth can be opened to allow air to circulate in the nasal cavity, so as not to wash the nose. After the mouth is clogged with the baby’s nasal cavity, there is no air circulation and no atmospheric pressure can be generated, resulting in reduced suction or Inability to absorb nasal water and mucus. In addition, when using the nasal aspirator, push it slowly and do not operate it violently to avoid hurting your baby.

If after using the nasal aspirator, there is still a large piece of nasal mucus in the nostril that is difficult to suck out, tear off a small piece of toilet paper, wear a long strip (not too short, but a length that is easy to take out), and reach into the nostril to roll out the mucus. If you still have nasal discharge, repeat it again. Then clean the other nostril in the same way.

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