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Because the baby is immature and has a small nasal cavity, it is difficult to discharge foreign bodies with foreign bodies. If the baby's nose is not cleaned up in time, it will affect the baby's breathing, and in severe cases, it will cause difficulty in feeding and wake up at night. The breathing is blocked, and the baby can only breathe through the nose while feeding. At this time, the baby will refuse to breastfeed or be choked on breastfeeding. At night, babies cannot breathe smoothly, sleep well, and wake up frequently at night. So mothers learn how to clean up their nose effectively.

Nasal aspirator

Generally, babies have more nasal secretions and the nasal passages are very narrow. If the nasal mucus in the nose is not dealt with in time, and then inhale the dust and solid particles in the air, it will easily become dry and form nose. Over time, the nose will become bigger and bigger, and it will block the baby's nasal cavity. In order to prevent such a situation, it is necessary to clean up the baby's nose in time. There is a special nasal aspirator for babies. Before the baby’s nasal mucus becomes dry, it is very useful to use the nasal aspirator!

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