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The Baby Bottle Sterilizer can also be called a baby bottle sterilizer, which is an appliance specially used to sterilize baby's baby bottles and utensils. While the baby bottle sterilizer is used to sterilize the baby bottle, within a certain period of time, the baby bottle sterilizer itself needs to be maintained to ensure its disinfection effect. The following Mawang Encyclopedia will introduce the maintenance method of the baby bottle sterilizer.

After the sterilization pot is used for a period of time, the stainless steel electric heating plate will have scale. Excessive scale will affect the normal operation of the disinfection pot. It will automatically shut down after a few minutes of work, and the water in the electric heating plate has not completely evaporated. Method of removing scale: Pour edible rice vinegar or citric acid into the electric heating plate. The sterilizer does not need to be energized and soaked for about half an hour, the scale will be eliminated by itself. If there is still scale, wipe it with a scouring pad or replace the rice vinegar. To reduce scale, it is recommended to use pure water. Do not immerse the whole machine in water for cleaning.

In addition, other accessories except the heating plate should be cleaned with a soft cloth, sponge, and detergent, and then wiped with a clean cloth after washing. Do not spray water directly on the heater when cleaning, let alone immerse the whole machine in water for cleaning.

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