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Fruits are one of the foods to try in the early stage of adding supplementary food for babies. According to the recommendation of "Balanced Diet for 7-24 Months Old Infants and Toddlers in China" formulated by the Chinese Nutrition Society, 7-12 months old babies need 25-100 grams of fruit every day.

Because supplementary foods have to change from liquid to puree at the beginning, and slowly transition to granular and lumpy, the best way to ingest fruit for your baby at the beginning is to feed fruit puree.

Compared with chunks of fruit or fruit juice, the puree is somewhere in between. It is convenient for the baby to eat, and it is rich in pectin and cellulose, which can promote the health of the baby's digestive system, moisturize the intestines, and prevent constipation. The rich vitamin C in fruits can also promote better absorption of iron, an important nutrient, for babies.

The fruit puree specifically for infants and young children needs to follow the mandatory national standard-"GB10770 National Food Safety Standard Canned Supplementary Foods for Infants and Young Children", which is defined as canned food supplements: food raw materials are processed, filled, sealed, sterilized or sterile It is a food suitable for infants and young children over 6 months of age that can be stored at room temperature to achieve commercial sterility after filling.

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