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Baby Toothbrush

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Why equip babies with GROWNSY silicone toothbrush?

Every new life needs a healthy and happy childhood,
The prevalence of enamel hypoplasia in three-year-old infants is 37.6%.
Prevalence of dental caries in 4-year-old infants 65%.
5-year-old infants with incomplete dentin development, the prevalence rate of 28.9%.
As soon as the baby's first teeth grow out, the baby should develop the habit of brushing.

360° non-toxic chewing grip: The bottom handle of the toothbrush is made of food-grade silicone, safe and tasteless, Used as Baby's gum massager and teether, stimulating sensitive gums and reducing itching and pain caused by new teeth.
Anti-swallowing design: The mushroom baffle and teething ring are carefully designed to prevent deepening of the throat or cause suffocation. Intimately protect your baby's safety.

High-quality materials: high-quality food-grade toothbrushes are 100% non-toxic, free of BPA and phthalates, soft and tough, and will not harm baby gums when chewed.
Soft bristles: The soft, elastic and raised particle brush head can clean the oral cavity while alleviating the baby’s teething pain and training the baby’s oral chewing ability.
Baby’s enlightenment: food residues will be generated in the baby’s mouth when starting to eat complementary foods. Starting with a soft silicone toothbrush, you can learn to brush your teeth and clean your mouth to reduce the prevalence of children’s teeth.