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A Special Message to New Dads

By adjusting his priorities (at home and at work ) and "rising to the occasion," Dad can strengthen an already strong bond with Mom as well as with the new child. By working as a team , parenting couples may be amazed at how well they can adapt to their new, stressful circumstances.

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Welcome To The World of Parenting!

Sometimes, we just don’t know why babies are crying! So, what can you do? Think about what it was like when your baby was in the womb, and try to create a similar experience. Calmly hold your baby close to your shoulder or chest—inside the womb, it was warm and close. Swaddle (wrap) your baby in a blanket— toward the end of pregnancy, it was very crowded. Quietly sing or talk to your baby, softly play calm music—voices heard through the womb were very comforting. Gently rock your baby or go for a quiet walk— before birth, your baby was used to quietly floating.  

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