The blender with steaming function makes baby food making comfortable and fun

"Steaming" cooking is a very good cooking method, which can greatly increase the taste of the food and make it difficult for nutrients to flow out. Not only can it be used in baby food, it can also be used to make soup during pregnancy and when appetite is lost, and it can even be used to make breakfast smoothies after raising a child.

Grownsy baby food maker [cut ingredients] [steamed] [chopped] This has 3 characters! From vegetables to fruits, meat and fish! Roughly cut the ingredients, put them in, and grind them with a light press for easy cooking. Even soup and thick baby food are cooked in one cup.

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I want to choose safe and secure ingredients for my baby. Even in busy days, I want to make baby food with a unique taste of my home. It will fulfill such a wish.

● [Steam] is used to warm vegetables and defrost. [Chop / Crush] You can cook smoothies and dipping sauces.
● Just 【steam】【shredded】to cook.

● Easy to clean! Dishwasher can be used.

● Comes with baby food recipes. It is safe even for the first time.

● It is also useful for people who have a spicy taste during cooking, morning sickness, or have difficulty swallowing solid foods.

● The water tank can now be removed and cleaning is easier than ever!

● Compact and stylish design, saving space.

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