Parents should not be too nervous for babies with nosebleeds

Suddenly, nosebleeds, stop the bleeding! Speaking of nosebleeds, some people say that nosebleeds are easy to get when you get angry, and some say that nosebleeds are easy to get when you get angry, and some people even like to pick your nose to cause nosebleeds, and some are caused by diseases. The most interesting thing is that men see women with nosebleeds caused by excitement. Which one do you belong to? Adult nosebleeds do you know how to deal with, and how do you deal with nosebleeds in your baby?

When a baby has a nosebleed, first of all, as a parent, you should not be too nervous. You need to calmly and correctly handle the bleeding. Try not to let the child look back or move, and do not lie down immediately. This way the blood will flow back. You can use compression hemostasis. Use your thumb and forefinger to gently press on both sides of your baby's nose. If only one side has a nosebleed and the other does not, just lightly press the bleeding side. Generally, lightly press for 3-5 minutes depending on the situation, or use ice compress You can use a damp cold towel or ice pack to press on the base of your nose or forehead to constrict the blood vessels to stop bleeding. It is recommended to use compression hemostasis or cold towels, which is simpler and faster, and ice packs are rarely used by people.

If the baby often has nosebleeds, you need to go to the hospital to check the lower nasal cavity locally. In many cases, no special treatment is needed, especially during sleep. Some babies may have a small amount of nosebleeds, but they can spontaneously. It stops bleeding, so as a parent, you don't need to be too nervous. If you are really worried about what is wrong with your baby, you can go to the hospital for an examination.


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