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Nursery Style Cleaning Wipes Box, Household Baby Wipes Heater Portable Wet Wipes Heater Isolation Box Toddler Nursing Warm Wipes Heater Box: Kitchen & Household. Nursery Style Cleaning Wipes Box, Household Baby Wipes Heater Portable baby wipe warmer Isolation Box Toddler Nursing Warm Wipes Heater Box: Kitchen & Household. Upper heating: Heat the upper 4-5 towels quickly and keep the moist towels underneath fresh to avoid drying out due to prolonged heating. Constant temperature all day: Built-in temperature sensor, which can keep the temperature at 45-55 degrees and avoid high or cold temperature, so that you can be warm all day. The power is 18W and for a kilowatt hour 2.5 days. Large capacity: 80 wet wipes can be placed at the same time. You don't need to change the wet wipes often as they are used for 3 days. Non-slip wiping: The four-legged friend is non-slip and non-slip. You can safely draw paper with the lower foot pad. High quality material: Made of PP plastic, smooth and burr-free, so that it can slide more smoothly. The material is safe, healthy and non-toxic. Descriptions: Temperature setting: Use one button to set the temperature; LED real-time display is suitable for different seasons; Energy Saving: The heating is more energy-saving than energy-saving lamps. No power wasted at constant temperature with low power.PP material: heating without odor; Heat resistance; Impact Resistance.

Steps to Use: 1. Open the cover of the heater.2. Secure the wipes that have torn off the plastic seal with the elastic straps on the heating mantle. 3. Close the lid and connect the power adapter to adjust the temperature .4. When you have reached the set temperature, press the record button. The cover will open automatically and can be used immediately.Parameters: Material: Environmental PP.Rated power: 18W.Rated frequency: 50Hz.Rated voltage: 200V.Product color: white.Product size: about 25.6 * 16 * 11cm / 10.08 * 6.30 * 4.33 In Packing size: about 29 * 19 * 16.5cm / 11.42 * 7.48 * 6.50in。Packing: single color box package。Used: After disassembling the product, keep the bag away from children and don’t let children play .

1. Due to manual measurement, please allow about 1-3CM / 0.39-1.18in to be different.

2. Due to the resolution, brightness and contrast of the computer screen, the actual color may vary slightly from the illustration. I hope you can understand.

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