How long does it take for a bottle warmer to defrost breast milk?

For all mothers, breastfeeding is not an easy task. Because it is not always the mothers who just have milk, the baby wants to drink, so mothers must squeeze out the excess milk in time to save it, so as to avoid the mothers’ pain, and to avoid the mothers to the greatest extent. They suffer from mastitis. Mothers need to pay attention to that, after the excess milk is squeezed out, it needs to be frozen in the refrigerator. So when the baby needs to drink milk, how long does it take to defrost the breast milk with a breast warmer?

The milk warmer is an instrument that can keep the milk or the water used for brewing at a constant temperature, which is very convenient to use. But mothers need to pay attention, and it is not recommended to put the milk in the milk warmer for a long time, because the time is too long, and at the same time, because the temperature is constant, it is easy to destroy the nutrients in breast milk. For frozen breast milk, in general, it is recommended to place breast milk at room temperature for natural thawing. When it reaches a certain level, put it in a portable bottle warmer. Normally, set the breast milk warmer to 45 degrees is fine. Strictly speaking, there is no fixed time. Parents only need to observe, and the temperature can reach about forty-five degrees. But in the heating process, we must pay attention to the temperature setting. If the temperature is too high, it will cause the protein in the breast milk to be destroyed, which will affect the baby's absorption and nutrition.

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At the same time, parents also need to be aware that it is recommended that frozen breast milk be consumed within three months, and not frozen for too long.

How long does it take for a breast warmer to heat breast milk

For young babies, in addition to ensuring their daily milk supply, parents also need to ensure that the baby has a sufficient sleep every day. Therefore, when the baby is asleep, it is generally not recommended that parents wake up the child to feed. Mothers who have increased milk must inhale it in time to avoid blockage of breast milk. At the same time, parents need to freeze breast milk so that it can store breast milk effectively and use a milk warmer when drinking it. So how long does it take to warm breast milk using a breast warmer?

In daily life, there are two situations in which breast milk is heated. One is that the baby’s feeding habits are not good and intermittent; the other is that the amount of breastmilk is too much, so it is stored in freezing, and the baby needs to use it when drinking. Milk device. Many parents who use a breast warmer for the first time have questions about how long it takes to warm breast milk using a breast warmer. In fact, there is no fixed time, and the brands of milk warmers are different, and the temperature set by parents will cause the heating time to be different. If parents set the temperature of the breast warmer at about 40 degrees, it takes ten minutes or more to heat the breast milk; if the temperature of the breast warmer is set at 70 degrees, it takes a few minutes. However, it is not recommended to use such a high temperature to heat breast milk, it is easy to destroy the nutrients in breast milk, which is not conducive to the health of the baby.

Therefore, the time required for a breast warmer to heat breast milk needs to be determined according to many factors. Parents are advised to read the relevant matters before using it.

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